2020 Corporate Fast

We are fasting in hopes that God would enable us:
• To have the right perspective about our past (Hindsight).
• To have great clarity on where we are (Insight)
• To see where He wants us to go (Foresight).
In this fast, it will be helpful to know the following:
Consecration: The act of making a person/group of people sacred.
Prayer and Fasting: Voluntarily going without food and/or other comforts, in order to focus on prayer and fellowship with

The Heart of Fasting

• Fasting is a willing act/expression of consecration from you to God.
• God will not force you to fast. However, fasting is a practice He expects believers to engage in (Matthew 6:16a).
• When a fast is placed on your heart or presented before you as a part of a local body of believers, it is always your choice whether to take part in the fast. Fasting simply because someone said so, and just going through the motions of the fast without a true spiritual focus, can merely be a glamorized diet.
• That is why the LORD says, "Turn to me now, while there is time. Give me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning.” (Joel 2:12 NLT)
• When fasting, be sure that you are focused on your mind and your heart growing closer to God, and seeking His heart and strategy for whatever and whoever you are fasting for.

With that said, this page will outline the criteria of Zion’s 2020 Corporate Fast. It will give recommendations of what to fast
from and the levels of fasting that you should consider, but please remember that you do not have to follow these
suggestions as if they were the law. A consecrated fast is a personal experience between you and God. Read the criteria and guidelines of the fast below.

Pray and let God lead you as to how and what this fast looks like specifically for you.

Zion Church’s 2020 Corporate Consecration in 2020

How long are we fasting? January 6, 2020 at 12 pm until January 26, 2020, at 12 pm. However, if you would like to do an
extended, 40-day fast, you should fast until February 14, 2020, at 12 pm.
What should we be fasting from? Fast from something or someone that gets in the way of you getting closer to God.

Examples of What to Fast From

A Dietary Fast
How can food keep you from being closer to God? Food doesn’t necessarily keep you away from God; however, there is a
lot to be said about the comfort and convenience of food. There is a lot to be seen with obesity displayed all throughout the land. When you are able to demonstrate discipline with your physical hunger, it gives you the strength to show discipline with your spiritual/emotional hunger/cravings.
A dietary fast can be...
• No food, just liquid the entire time.
• No food from 6 am until 6 pm
• 1 meal a day
• No meat

A Fast from Comforts, Vices, Habits or Addictions
You’ve been saying for a while that you can stop anytime. This is a great time to start. Maybe it is something you enjoy
beyond moderation. Maybe it is something you know is not good for you. Maybe it is something you do and it’s keeping
you from being productive.

A fast from comforts, vices, habits or addictions can be
• No Sweets
• No television
• No social media
• No drinking or drugs
• No smoking

A Fast from Relationships and Sex
Relationships and sex can be a distraction. And we know that sex outside of the context of marriage is sin. This could be a
great time to consecrate yourself and abstain from relationships and sexual activity that disrupt your ability to connect with God.
(Marriages are strongly advised to discuss with one another your fast options, ensuring that you are supporting one
another and not frustrating one another. *see below*)

Please keep the following in mind when praying about your fast option:
• These are the recommended levels; you may start at one level and switch to another during the course of the fast.
• You may adjust the level to accommodate your body and health concerns. Please be real with yourself. A fast is
not supposed to be a distraction; if your health conditions are keeping you from focusing on God and your time
with Him, you may need to adjust your fast to be less strenuous on your health.

• However, if you feel like the level you have chosen is not challenging you, you should seriously consider taking it up to a more difficult level.
• Remember, you will get out of this time is based on what you put in it. This consecration has to cost you something.
• Married couples, it is recommended that you discuss with your spouse about fasting from sex during some of the days of the consecration. Yes, seriously.
o “Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for
a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come
together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” 1 Corinthians 7:5 NLT
 Important to Note: A married couple ought to be in agreement with one another for this one.
• This should go without saying, but single people, you should be abstaining from sex, period. But during this
time of consecration, you should rededicate your efforts to remaining celibate.
• Remember, fasting is not based on rules or what you can or cannot do.

This page provides you with recommendations and guidelines, but you should trust your relationship with God to guide how this fast works specifically for you.

Resources for the Fast:
Daily Devotions. A devotion will be provided to you each day of the fast by Zion Pastors and other church leaders.
The devotion is intended to encourage you, challenge you and assist you in getting through this journey to get
the right perspective about your past (Hindsight), great clarity on where you are (Insight) and clear vision for where He wants you to go (Foresight).
• Prayer Call. There will be morning (6 am) and noon prayer (12 pm) calls, each day of The Journey.  The number for the prayer call is 712-770-4160 access code: 414027#.
• These calls will be used to:
o Go over what was shared in the devotion.
o Share what God has been revealing to people individually.
o Pray with and encourage one another.

Journal on your Journey

We strongly recommend that you take the time to journal each day of the journey.
What God may be revealing to you may be something that you may need to refer back to later in the year. If you
don’t have a journal, you can get an inexpensive notebook from a store OR you can download a journal app from the iOS or Android stores.


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**Note: Please consult your physician regarding any dietary adjustments.

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