Zion Church COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Update 

Please be advised that Zion Church is actively monitoring the progress of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our area, and taking precautions to prepare for its impact in accordance with guidance from local, state, and national officials. We continue to pray for God’s protection, and for all those individuals and families who have been affected by the virus to date. 

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Updated as of Thursday, March 26, 2020: 

As a part of our continued effort to support our members, visitors, staff, vendors , and volunteers we are providing a summary of local resources that may be of interest to those experiencing financial hardship as a result of the local/national COVID-19 response:

If you have been furloughed or laid off without pay from your full-time job, you could qualify for immediate unemployment benefits. The links below will direct you to the appropriate resources in your state of residence, along with how to initiate a claim to file for those resources, and other valuable information on state-based assistance programs that may be available to you depending on your circumstances:

 Maryland: https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/#Resources
Virginia: https://www.virginia.gov/coronavirus- updates/
District of Columbia: https://coronavirus.dc.gov/

Please be advised that utility providers, creditors, landlords, mortgage companies, and other similar institutions have been asked by our local and national government to suspend evictions, foreclosures, disconnections, late payments, penalties, and fees until the nation as a whole resumes normal operations. You will have to contact your creditors directly to take advantage of these benefits and receive concessions or payment arrangements. 


Updated as of Saturday, March 14, 2020:

As a reminder there will be no in-person gatherings happening at any of our Zion Church campuses. All campuses will however have an online worship experience option available starting this weekend. 

Join us at all of our regular campus worship times ONLINE! Virtual services begin TONIGHT at 6 pm with Zion Fort Washington’s online service!

See below for a full schedule, and links to the online services available by campus.  

Fort Washington Campus - Saturday at 6:00pm & Sunday at 11:45am - (Click to Watch)

Woodbridge Campus - Sunday at 10:00am - (Click to Watch)

Landover Campus - Sunday at 8:00am, 9:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm - (Click to Watch)

iCampus - Sunday at 8:00am, 9:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm - (Click to Watch)


Updates as of Friday, March 13, 2020:

The following closures will take effect in accordance with Governor Larry Hogan's Executive Order in the State of Maryland prohibiting all gatherings of more than 250 people, including social, community, spiritual, religious, recreational, leisure, and sporting gatherings at all locations and venues. The order states that planned large gatherings and events must be canceled or postponed until after the termination of the state of emergency and the proclamation of the catastrophic health emergency has been rescinded in Maryland. Similar recommendations have been shared by the Virginia Department of Health in their Considerations Associated with Canceling or Modifying an Event in Response to COVID-19 guidance. As such:

·      All Zion Church Administrative Offices will be closed indefinitely. This will go into effect beginning at 2:00 pm Friday, March 13, 2020. However, our staff is working remotely making us available to our community via email and our website. 

·      All Zion Church Facilities will be closed indefinitely. This will go into effect beginning at 2:00 pm Friday, March 13, 2020. 

·      No Zion Church in-person gatherings, including weekend and weeknight services, meetings, classes, and events will be held effective Saturday, March 14, 2020.

·      Our Zion iCampus (online experience) will remain open and active. We are working to provide our members, attenders, and viewers with excellent online worship experiences. This includes online experiences developed especially for our children and youth.  


How Zion Church is taking action:

We are taking the following actions to create a safe environment for our members, visitors, staff and volunteers:

·      Providing safe alternative worship opportunities. Zion Church is committed to providing safe alternatives to our public gatherings and worship experiences through our Zion iCampus. Our Information Technology and Multimedia Departments are working diligently to ensure the highest quality online experience, even as the anticipated use of streaming platforms by churches is expected to spike in the coming weeks.

·      Providing updated information and resources. Pastor Battle has deployed a team to stay abreast of the latest developments and guidance from local, state and national officials. These resources along with specific updates can be found at zionchurch.org/COVID19.

·      Complying with all state mandates and recommendations. Our staff is closely monitoring official guidance, complying swiftly and efficiently by activating our emergency preparedness contingency procedures. 

·      Disinfecting our buildings. The surfaces within Zion Church facilities, including our meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices are cleaned and disinfected daily. 

·      Continuing to build community. We are committed to helping Zion Church members and attenders continue growing, maintain a healthy community, and process the current events wherever they are in the world via online small groups.


How Zion Church is requesting that you take action:

In a message from Pastor Battle's shared via email on Saturday, March 7, 2020, our members, visitors, staff and volunteers were reminded of the following four things:

·      Wash your hands frequently. Use soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at CDC.gov.

·      If you aren't feeling well, take care of yourself at home. If you have symptoms like coughing, sneezing, nausea, or fever please stay home and take care. You can join us online via our Zion iCampus. Even if you had planned to serve, I ask that we all put safety over service. 

·      I will not say, "Touch your neighbor." Instead, let's show each other love from a distance with head nods, smiles, and waves in a shared community effort to keep one another safe. 

·      Trust God to protect us. While we should do everything that we can in the natural realm, we should always continue to trust God to keep us safe. This is not a time to be scared, but a time to be careful.

Additional Resources:
Maryland Department of Health
Virginia Department of Health
Information on Symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Information on Prevention and Treatment from the CDC
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the CDC

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